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Working with make-up is an art form and your clients are your works of art. Whether working on back stage at a production, a wedding or a runway show, your freelance make-up business makes people look and feel amazing. 
But being a mobile make-up artist can have its pitfalls. It only takes one client to suffer an adverse reaction to your make-up products for a compensation claim to shut down your business for good. Or what would happen to your all your hours of hard work if your make-up case is lost?

When it comes to handling risks and being prepared should someone bring a claim against you, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cover 1 – Treatment and professional liability

Even though you’re cautious and careful with your clients, there’s always the risk that something could go wrong during a treatment. For example, they say that you damaged their skin or they have a bad reaction to a product you used. And if a client claims you caused them injury or illness, you could face an expensive court case. 

Cover 2 – Public and products liability cover

If you’re interacting with members of the public, there’s a small risk that something outside of your work activities could cause harm. For example, if you were to knock over and break an expensive vase while visiting a client in their home. Public liability insurance can help you defend or settle a court case if you’re sued by a member of the public.

Cover 3 – Cover for portable equipment

We understand that for a freelance makeup artist, building a perfect makeup kit is not an easy task, but it requires a financial investment, time and effort. If yours were lost, stolen or damaged, would you have the backup to keep work ticking over? This option will cover your tools anywhere in the world. 

Cover 4 – Cover for portable equipment

It’s important to consider how you would keep your business running if your work equipment becomes damaged or you are running late for the wedding or photoshoot because your car has broken down. This extension will cover the increased costs and help you maintain relationships with your clients.

Cover 5 – Cover for portable equipment

Unlike employees, self-employed people don’t get sick pay so if they are unable to work, they’re unable to earn. This cover is designed to support you, if you are unable to work due to an accidental bodily injury or sickness. A weekly benefit is payable while you’re off work. If you won’t be able to return to work, a lump sum is payable instead. 

Cover 6 – Public and products liability cover

As a makeup artist, you deal with clients hands-on during your working day and it poses a legal risk. If a client claims that you did something wrong, you could have to defend yourself in court. In these situations, our make up artists’ insurance can help by covering the costs of defending or settling a legal claim against you.

Making people look beautiful is surely one of the most exciting jobs ever and it’s essential to have an insurance policy that can be flexible depending on your individual requirements.

Our expert advisors can help find you the insurance policy that’s just right. Contact us for a detailed consultation – we would be delighted to help you.

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