Why do Therapists need Insurance for Holistic Services?

MARCH, 2019


Why is it that most therapists don’t take insurance?

You may take a natural approach to healing as a holistic therapist, but when it comes to insurance for your business, you also need to bring together many elements to create the right policy.

Holistic therapy is all about getting the balance between the mind, body and spirit right and, when it comes to holistic therapist insurance, the same can be true. Your sole focus is to help your clients find their inner peace and holistic therapy insurance can do the same for you.

There are many elements to our cover and it’s important to take the time to consider which cover is suited to you.

Malpractice insurance

One of the key covers of any holistic insurance policy, malpractice insurance is like public liability and professional indemnity insurance rolled into one cover.

As public liability insurance normally excludes claims for professional services, and holistic therapists work on the basis of providing a professional service, most holistic insurance policies will include malpractice insurance to bridge the gap in cover.

Malpractice insurance covers claims for bodily injury, mental and psychological damage from physical procedures or advice, or a combination of the two. This means, that should someone make a claim against you for a holistic service you’ve provided, you would still be covered.

Public & Products liability

This can cover anyone who is injured on your business premises in the course of your operations. This may not necessarily be someone receiving treatment; it could be someone delivering items or carrying out maintenance work.

It protects you for any claims brought against you if someone is injured or has their property damaged as a result of your business activities.

Products liability is also generally included too and this covers claims made against you for a product you have supplied or sold.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have people working for you at your holistic therapy business, you’ll need to employers’ liability insurance.

This will cover you for any claims brought against you by someone who works for you should they get injured or become unwell as a result of conducting their duties.

This may involve work carried out on the business premises or at another location, such as a client’s home.

You may feel that, as a business, normal business insurance will be enough, but there are some aspects of your operation that will need a specialist type of cover, and that’s why it’s essential to have the right policy in place.

Normal buildings and contents and business insurance are also still required, but take the time to consider the additional cover you will need as a practising holistic therapist.

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